Physical Training

  • Postural Considerations for Rifle and Pistol Shooters, by Dr. Cathy Arnot, USA Shooting Team Physical Therapistotherapist. USA Shooting News, January/February 2010.  A review of physical therapy interventions and postural alignment considerations that are essential to high performance rifle and pistol shooting.

  • Shooting is a Physical Sport, by Sergeant First Class Teresa DeWitt, USAMU International Shotgun Team.  USA Shooting News, January/February 2010.  An exercise and fitness routine recommended by a long-time shotgun shooter and member of many USA Shooting National Team.

  • Impingement of the Shoulder, by Bob DuVall, Sports Medicine of Atlanta.  This article discusses one of the most common causes of adult shoulder pain--impingement of the shoulder.  Risks, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments options are all addressed.