Last month, USA Shooting named 12 athletes to the El Salvador Junior Grand Prix (Air Rifle and Air Pistol) Team.  

The Junior Airgun Grand Prix takes place March 8-14, 2021 in San Salvador, El Salvador and serves as the qualification match for the first ever Junior Pan American Games later this year in Cali, Colombia. 

These juniors representing Team USA at the Junior Pan American Games became members of the USAS National Junior Team on January 14th, 2021 and will remain members of the National Junior Team through the 2021 USA Shooting National Championships.


Women’s Air Rifle: 


Katrina Demerle  


Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio 

Discipline/Events: Women’s 10m Air Rifle  

Instagram: @katrinademerle_ 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? First shot at age 6 with my Dad, then joined "Hot Shots" program when I was 7 years old. Started competing when I was 10. Shooting for total of 10 years now. 

Current Team? Club: Fairfield Sportsmen's Association 

Notable accomplishments: four-time consecutive State of Ohio Women's JO Champion for Air and Smallbore, 2018 Women's J3 Double Gold at JO Championship, 2020 ELEY All-American for both disciplines, First 3-Peat winner of Gary Anderson Invitational, 2021 Pardini JARN Champion 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? I hold 5 distinguished expert classifications, I've competed in over 320 shooting competitions so far.  

Anything else you’d like to include? I enjoy sleeping as much as I can. 



Natalie Perrin 


Hometown: Coopersville, Michigan 

Discipline/Events: Women’s 10m Air Rifle 

Instagram: @natalie_perrin_ 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? I began shooting when I saw the BB gun and sporter match at my local county fair. I then shot BB gun for two years and switched to precision in December of 2017. 

Current Team? I am a member of the Grand Rapids Rifle and Pistol club, and Team Winning Solutions, and I committed to West Virginia University's rifle team in the fall. 

Notable accomplishments: I was the top junior at the 2020 Dixie Double and 2020 Winter Air Gun matches and won the Super Final at Winter Air Gun. 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? I enjoy public speaking and was the 2020 Michigan FFA State Champion in the Prepared Public Speaking contest. 



Katie Zaun 

Hometown: Buffalo, North Dakota 

Discipline/Events: Women’s 10m Air Rifle 

Instagram: @katie.zaun 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? I started shooting BB gun at my local club, which I am still apart of today. I have been shooting for 10 years! 

Current Team? Buffalo Sharpshooters! 

Notable accomplishments: I am the 2019 Junior Olympic National Champion for women’s 50m smallbore, the 2019 Junior Olympic bronze medalist for 10m women’s air rifle, and the 2019 Junior National Champion women’s 50m smallbore. I earned a team bronze medal for 50m prone in the 2018 Junior World Championships in South Korea. 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? I enjoy playing volleyball and competing in track.

Anything else you want to add? It’s an honor to represent America and Team USA.



Men's Air Rifle:


Gavin Barnick 

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsion 

Discipline/Events: Men’s 10m Air Rifle 

Instagram: @gavinbarnick_ 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? I started shooting in third grade through 4-H. I’ve been shooting competitively for five years now.  

Current Team? iShoot consulting 

Notable accomplishments: Member of the Junior National Team and the Development Team.  

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? I enjoy hunting, fishing, riding snowmobiles, and four wheelers.  



John Blanton 

Hometown: West Point, Mississippi  

Discipline/Events: Men’s 10m Air Rifle 

Instagram: @j3blanton 

When did you get starting in shooting sportsg? I have been shooting guns since I can remember but I first started competitive shooting through my county 4-H program. I met some great coaches along the way who have helped me become successful. I have been shooting competitively for about 4 years now. 

Current Team? Currently, I go to Heritage Academy High School in Columbus, MS. I am also on the Starkville Gun Club team located in Starkville, MS. I am also on Team Winning Solutions. I have signed with Murray State. 

Notable accomplishments:  

  • 2020 – Silver medalist, Anschutz Open – The X Count 

  • 2020 – Gold medalist, Dixie Double Day 1 – CMP Anniston 

  • 2020 – Silver medalist, Dixie Double day 2 – CMP Anniston 

  • 2020 – Gold medalist, Dixie Challenge – CMP Anniston 

  • 2020 – Gold medalist, Mississippi Junior Olympic Qualifiers 

  • 2019 – Gold medalist, Mississippi Junior Olympic Qualifiers 

  • 2018 – NRA Sectional Champion 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? I enjoy doing mechanical work on cars and fixing cars. Recently put a new rotary engine into a Mazda RX-8. I also enjoy riding dirt bikes with my dad and spending quality time with my family/friends on and off the range. 




Scotty Rockett 

Hometown: Cary, North Carolina 

Discipline/Events: Men’s 10m Air Rifle 

Instagram: @scott.rockett 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? I started shooting when I was 9 years old at Sir Walter Gun Club in Creedmoor, North Carolina. 

Current Team? My Club team is Patriots Shooting Club of Virginia, I attend Crossroads Flex Highschool and I have accepted my appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. 

Notable accomplishments: My most notable accomplishment would namely be a third-place finish at trials part 2 for air rifle. 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? My favorite thing to do when not shooting the spend time on the water, whether it be going to a the wakepark and wakeboarding, fishing or just driving the boat around. I also love to play airsoft and go trail riding on my mountain bike.  

Probably my favorite thing to do is challenge myself by trying new things such as exotic foods, board games, or sports like pickleball.  



Women’s Air Pistol:


Katelyn Abeln 

Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia 

Discipline/Events: Women’s 10m Air Pistol 

Instagram: @katelyn.abeln 

Twitter: @katelynabeln 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? I started shooting towards the end of 2013. I got into competitive shooting through our local 4-H team when I was about 10, I started on the BB gun team but ended up trying air pistol a couple years later. My parents worked out with a former air rifle shooter who had a daughter my age who shot air pistol, so I tried it one night and loved it! 

Current Team? I am a sophomore on The Ohio State University’s pistol team. 

Notable accomplishments: 2021 Olympic team alternate, silver medal at 2018 world championships in Jr. Women’s Sport pistol, represented team USA at various competitions such as, World Cups, Junior World Cups and World Championships. College accomplishments- Freshman year, 1stteam All American in Air, Sport, and Standard pistol 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? Reading 



Ada Korkhin 

Hometown: Brookline, Massachusetts 

Discipline/Events: Women’s 10m air pistol 

Instagram: @ada_korkhin 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? I’ve been shooting since I was eight when my dad brought me to a junior pistol program at the Massachusetts Rifle Association. I’ve been shooting for almost eight years now. 

Current Team? I am a member of the Junior Pistol Program at the Massachusetts Rifle Association. 

Notable accomplishments: 

  • In the 2018 Winter Air Gun finals, placed 3rd in the open and 1st in juniors, scoring a 

  • 242.2 in the junior finals 

  • In the 2019 Junior World Championship, placed 15th in 10m air pistol, and 24th in 25m pistol 

  • In the fall of 2019, placed 3rd in phase one of the Olympic Trials in 25m pistol 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? Outside of shooting I’m interested in fashion. I like watching anime and drawing. I also have a small business where I sell clothes. 

Anything else you’d like to include? live in Boston, Massachusetts where I enjoy socializing with my friends and connecting with my dog and my two sugar gliders. 



Suman Sanghera 


Hometown: Great Falls, Virginia 

Discipline/Events: Women’s 10m Air Pistol 

Instagram: @suman_sanghera 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? My brother began competing in the sport at a nearby shooting range. Often, I would accompany him to the range and soon became intrigued by the sport. One day in October 2017, I had the opportunity to try out Air Pistol at the range and I really enjoyed it. Since then, I have continued to shoot, practice, and compete in matches. I have been shooting for about 3 1/2 years. 

Current Team? NOVA Sharpshooters 

Notable Accomplishments:  

  • Gold Medal, 10m Women's Air Pistol, 2020 Winter Air Gun Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio 

  • Bronze Medal, 10m Women's Air Pistol Junior, 2019 Winter Air Gun Championship, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

  • Gold Medal, 10m Women's Air Pistol Junior, 2019 National Progressive Position Pistol Championship, Anniston, Alabama 

  • Silver Medal, 10m Women's Air Pistol Junior J3, 2019 Junior Olympics, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

  • Silver Medal, 25m Women's Sport Pistol Junior J3, 2019 Junior Olympics, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? I love to use watercolors to paint birds and nature. I also like to write articles for my school newspaper.  

Anything else you’d like to include? I am the editor-in-chief of my school newspaper and president of the Future for Science club. 


Men’s Air Pistol:


Hunter Battig  

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Discipline/Events: Men’s 10m Air Pistol 

Instagram: @hunter_battig 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? Five years ago!  

Notable accomplishments: I am the J3 and J2 national record holder, and the 2020 Olympic alternate.  



Johnathan Dorsten 

Hometown: Bryan, Ohio 

Discipline/Events: Men’s 10m Air Pistol 

Instagram: @dorsten03 

Twitter: @03jdorsten 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? 2011 started shooting in 4-H in archery, 2013 transitioned into small bore pistol, added crossbow in 2018, and added shotgun in 2019. February 2018 started shooting air pistol to compete at 4-H Nationals that June in Nebraska. 

Current Team? Practicing independently and competing at CMP North & JO Program. 

Notable accomplishments: In air pistol: placed 10th overall and 2nd in slow fire competition at 2018 4-H Nationals. In the slow fire competition scored 356 in 40 shots. Placed 2nd in Juniors, at 2020 Camp Perry Open, CMP North. Placed 1st in 2019 & 2020 JO Ohio State qualifiers. SSSF All-Scholastic Team, National Honor Society (4.0 GPA) 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? Soccer, tennis, hunting, fishing, snow skiing, hanging with friends and working on cars. 

Anything else you’d like to include? I have a younger sister. I am very thankful for the direction I've received from Coaches Turner, McPherson, Pueppke, Henderson and Mccollum! 




Remington Smith 

Hometown: Ashburn, Georgia 

Discipline/Events: Men’s 10m Air Pistol 

When did you get starting in shooting sports? My Dad began teaching me to shoot when I was five years old. I have been shooting in this sport for six years. 

Current Team? The local team I am a part of is the Turner County Longshot Air Clovers. 

Additional hobbies, interesting facts? Some of my other hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, and hunting, really anything that involves the outdoors.