USA Shooting to Attend 2019 ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly


The International Shooting Sports Foundation (ISSF) will be hosting the 2019 ISSF Extraordinary General Assembly in Munich, Germany from December 5 - 8. The purpose of this Assembly is to initialize a governance reform for the ISSF based on the findings from a questionnaire conducted by the Association of Summer Olympic International Federation (ASOIF). The ASOIF focuses on five principles: transparency, integrity, democracy, sports development/solidarity and control mechanisms. The ISSF governance reform will center around these five principles. Chad Whittenburg, Board Chair, and Bob Gambardella, Interim CEO, will be in attendance to act as the USA Shooting representatives and voting representatives at the General Assembly.

Following the 2019 Extraordinary General Assembly, on December 7, the ISSF will host a dinner for the members and participants of the assembly. In addition, the Golden Target Award recipients will be presented with their award. Ashley Carroll, women’s trap, and Vincent Hancock, men’s skeet, are the two athletes from the United States who will be receiving this award. The Golden Target recognizes the #1-ranked athlete in the world for each discipline and USA Shooting is proud to have two athletes ranked this highly internationally.

The ISSF acts as the governing body for Olympic Shooting events in rifle, pistol and shotgun disciplines. The ISSF governance is comprised of representation from national shooting associations from around the world, an administrative council, and section committees that represent different aspects of the shooting sports including technical, athletes, judges, rifle, pistol, shotgun, running targets, statutes, medical, and coach advisory. Within the ISSF, there are several members from the USA that participate within the governance including Robert Mitchell, ISSF Vice-President; Kim Rhode, Chairman of the ISSF Athletes Committee; Susan Abbott, Chairman of the ISSF Pistol Committee; Dr. James M. Lally, Chairman of the ISSF Medial Committee; Robert Aylward, Member of the Technical Committee; Wanda Jewell, Member of the Rifle Committee; and Dr. Cathy Arnot, Member of the Medical Committee.

Pictured above is Vincent Hancock, Golden Target Award recipient. 

Pictured above is Ashley Carroll, Golden Target Award recipient.